The #GBdoc Cake-Off!

As people with diabetes, we all love a piece of cake now and again, and following all the love for the cakes provided at #PWDC15 we’ve decided to have a little cake competition!

The rules are simple – bring a cake with you to #PWDC16 where it will be displayed on the cake table for all attendees to view, taste, and judge anonymously.

As if you needed an incentive other than mountains of cake, the following categories will be up for consideration, and there may even be prizes for each winner too:

Best In Show

Lowest Carb Content

Highest Carb Content

Most Unusual IngredientsĀ 

All entrants must provide an ingredients list for their entries as we need to know whats in them to share with everyone else, and to judge fairly.

There is no limit to how many cakes you would like to provide, however cupcakes will be excluded from the lowest carb content round…

There will be bonus points for gluten-free entries too, because everybody deserves a piece of cake!